Monday, October 6, 2008

A Split Second - Flesh (Z) 192

Belgians have always partied hard. In 1986, as the rest of Europe passively embraced the new romantic movement, dance oriented creeps Praga Khan, The Lords of Acid, the Confettis and A Split Second were mesmerising vast digitally orgasming crowds at the hallowed diamond-shaped Boccaccio nightclub in Destelburgen. The parties that went down were apparently all time - unlucky for us rave nostalgists the club was shut down as the drug taking reached delphic levels (even by Belgian standards). A Belgian study has recently observed increasing examples of spontaneous pneumothorax (sudden lung collapse)in techno clubs all over the small nation, caused by ravers standing wayyy too close to large speakers -- is grave raving finally making its literal debut?


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