Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baguette Fest - Summer '08/'09

Peckish? Please try the new Baguette Fest mixtape from yours truly.

Track Listing:

Intro feat Rolf Harris
1. David Bowie - Magic Dance (A Dance Mix)
2. Whistle - Just Buggin'
3. Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop
4. Cylob - Rewind! (Acapella)
5. The Emperor Machine - Slap On
6. Gregg Sandwich - Brothers on the Slide (Extended Mix) lol
7. Fake Blood - Mars (Player Player's 95 Jump Mix)
8. John Farnham - Pressure Down (12" Mix)
9. Man Parrish - Boogie Down Bronx
10. Grandmaster DST - Crazy Cuts
11. Afrika Bambaataa - Searcing for the Perfect Beat (Instrumental)
12. Stetsasonic - Talkin All That Jazz (Acapella)
13. Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Ben Liebrand Remix)
14. Rolf Harris Interlude
15. CaviAr - Be My Salmon
16. Le Le - Breakfast (Mercury Remix)
17. Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)
18. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
19. Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got
20. Hithouse - Move Your Feet
21. Kid E & Bad Teeth - Summa Flava
22. Mark Mothersbaugh - Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned's Theme Take 1
23. Gregg Sandwich - HSC French Speaking Exam (Acapella)

P.S. I'll be in Melbourne for a two-week spiritual journey starting Jan 7th, doing the roundz. Please be socially pro-active and say hello!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Treat your senses to some badly pressed Italian cheese. Vintage: 1983.

Stopp - I'm Hungry (YSI) 256

EDET: Bonus B-Side
Stopp - I'm Hungry (Caramba mix) (YSI) 320


Felon, Chillin With A Gun To Your Melon

Def Jux at their most extreme and Tenor Saw ringing the alarm. I can't think of anything that can tie these two songs together so just obtain them already.

Mr Lif - I Phantom Feat. El-P (YSI) 192kbps

Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm (YSI) 192kbps

Monday, December 8, 2008

Time for something aligned with typical monday morning cynical pleasures.
This lolpastiche was enough to make even Stuart Price smile.

Cylob - Living in the 1980's (Extended Dance Mix) (YSI) 320

Cheer up vince

Gary Numan - Conversation (YSI) 256

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mischief Brew edit of Harry Thumann, quite bep in most regards. The original can be seen as a direct precursor to Emperor Machini in its distinct use of rolling bass lines and synths, with horns that hark back to the golden age of Paul Smith's technicolor film scores. The re-edit just means you can play it out without worrying about the guitars.

Harry Thumann - Underwater (Mischief Brew Re-Edit)(YSI)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best remix of Axel F since .......?

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Ben Liebrand Mix)(YSI)

Rare house post on staiii. Its a 1989 track from Lil' Louis that apparently 'changed house music' in that the genre finally crossed from its raw Chicago origins to a much more polished main-stream sound. Why Daft punk shout out to this cretan in teachers but fail to include so many other legit mahns i don't understand. If the groove sounds familiar don't feel special.. its been sampled everywhere from Josh Wink to Kylie minogue and Lolil' Kim.

Lil' Louis - French Kiss (Original mix) (YSI) 320

Martin Circus - Disco Circus(YSI) 192

Set It Off

Strafe's classic.

Strafe - Set It Off (12")(YSI) 192

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paul Hardcastle: a man with a morbid love for the creative power trapped inside silicon chips. The above album cover, which probably began as an pseudo-honest shout-out to the devices that saw him come to fame (and should by now have been re-directed to the halls of pop-art), provides more than a solid testament to his organic BIOS operandi. The breakthrough hit '19' to which he, althoughly precariously, holds his name, has perhaps been elevated to too high a saddle; leaving his other works jostling for a hand hold on any dangling stirrups available.
Make an assessment of the following slippery B- Side:

Paul Hardcastle - King Tut (U.S. Remix) (YSI)