Wednesday, September 3, 2008


CERN labs in Geneva are cooking up some seeriouss shit as we speak. The largest particle accelerator ever conceived is now only days away from activation. Despite having been accused of everything from mis-managed engineering safety procedures to violation of the UN human rights act - implying a direct failure 'to take all possible precautions to preserve human life' - it looks like all systems are go at CERN and the lord of all red buttons is getting prepped for pressing.

Recently read a theory (may or may not have been Pilkington's) stating: its inevitable that the human race will reach a stage in technological innovation advancement and experimentataion where we will foolishly create an accidental super-massive black hole devouring our galaxy, consciousness and dimensiona as we know it. The author speculates that black holes viewable from hubble are warning signs to us re what has befallen other thus arrested potential forms of life in our universe... It does explain our failure to locate any other organic beings thus far.

Fingers crossed Steven remembered to carry the 1 when he equated Hawking Radiation.

Royal Cash - Radio Activity ( B - Side Instrumental) (Z)

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