Monday, October 1, 2007

the height of contrasts

Gregg and I were driving when this song came on. I almost crashed.
If this doesn't make you laugh then you're fucked up.

High Contrast - In da Gadda da Vida (Z)

Here's the original for added fake music knowledge humour.. like for instance when you are mentioning this blog to someone over a crisp Sauv Blanc you can say:
" ah ha ah hha ha, yes, oh god, yes did you listen to that High Contrast cover [key word to denote music wankery] of In da Gadda da Vida [try say it like you're talking about an old acquaintance] on Staiii? Absolutely hilarious."
Fellow conversationalist response:
" Oh, oh yes of course [they panic, and try to communicate calm body language {they might signal the waiter for top up of their champagne} because they have no idea what you are talking about and feel inadequate in their musical knowledge]."

Iron Butterfly - In da Gadda da Vida (Z)

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