Monday, August 20, 2007

Remember that green shit the Joker fell into in Batman?
Remember that toxic slime that pours over that guy in Robocop one?
Remember that stuff inside energon cubes in Transformers?

Ok, now imagine that chemical factory in Batman hosted a massive spontaneous rave:... suddenly the blacklights come and on the jokers green face lights up. Footsteps of running mutants can be be heard in the dark corridors heading to the main room. Giant cast iron idle machines suddenly unmesh into dancing deceptacons and chemical fumes fill the air like the soma of hollywood's underbelly.. the toxic avenger has a dark corner to himself flailing his oozing calloused arms in a tribal frenzy, while robocop and megatron compare robot dances and battle for the spotlight on the overhead steel walkways. Grids of lasers cut through the air and no one knows whether they are meant to be there or whether the Predator just arrived. The dancefloor is more machine than man with a sea of metallic and mutated limbs bionically conducting the beat. Dr. Octagon is breakdancing but he has nothing on R2-D2's headspins. All the while Daft Punk are trapped outside, not sure whether its their scene, but with one burning question on their minds.. 'who is Dj-ing'?

No one will ever know.

If this party went down in Chicago in the mid 80's then i have no doubts it would have been a 100% acid rave.

Genre; Acid: It's birth resulting essentially from the inherent lack of finance involved with budding 'musicians'; meaning, Acid (or, Acid House, as it was later badly re-named in the UK) was created on a small cheap plastic synthesiser developed by Roland in 1982 as an accompaniment instrument for bass players when playing alone in their bedrooms. The TB-303. Yes i speak truth. This genre is now one which only an idiot would never have heard of. (ever seen a yellow smiley face? well yeah, that is the universal logo for the genre).

There have been a zillion zillion good, bad, and just gay acid producers since the genre's humble origin.. hence i'm not going to upload Acid's greatest hits. Rather i am uploading one track. This track was (argue if you dare)the birth of the genre. It has gone under several names but i am upping the original album version so as to avoid controversy (because this blog is continually screened by music historians and stuff.) If you've never listened to Acid.. you'll probably hate it. And if you're a massive Acid kid, you'll probably hate it as well. That's STAIII for you.

Phuture - Acid Trax

P.S> Stay tuned for more danceable acid adventures

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