Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Listen and Understand.

I could sit here and type a whole bunch of stuff about this guy; but nah, someone is knocking at my door....... It could be lady fame. It could just be Mrs Pellam again. The point is you just never know - do you. Or do you really never know?


Japan. The place reeks of the future. Neon skyscapes, infinite vending machines, fruits, sleeping pods, pocket-cups, not to mention the headquarters of Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Akai, and Casio. I guarentee, in an underground factory somewhere in Tokyo a hoverboard is being ridden right now. For all we know the all spark is buried somwhere under three football fields thick of Tokyo concrete and has been powering their economy for the last 60 years.

In 1978 YMO exhibit/ed the future. They didn't fuck around trying to be meaningful or profound. They played gross long keyboards, made music and got damn famous for it. I am a massive fan. Here is something you definetly don't know. Behind the scenes, avoiding the glamour, galloped a dark horse. Hideki Matsutake was, as some have labelled him "the Genius behind the genius of YMO." Fluent in schematics and with a patching arm like Charles Bishop Weyland he was the sound engineer who created the sonic edge that pushed YMO into the same groundbreaking category as Kraftwerk. With a travelling synthesiser rig that could probably have served well as the mission control set in Apollo 13 he was by my standards, le man.

If you don't believe me, ask Isao Tomita - his trainer and master, karatekid-style.

He was and still is, a busy man. But as all good men do, he had a solo project, primarly a showboat on which could sail his absurdly deep prgramming knowledge, he released a few albums, one of which i am in possession of. Calling himself Logic System - a direct reference to the nickname he was given on the road, his first album, titled, 'Logic' (1981) is debuted in truncated form on STAIII for your aural pleasure.

Logic System - Domino Dance

Logic System - Logic

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