Monday, June 25, 2007


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The Australian Hip Hop scene has been producing fine artists such as Bliss n' Eso, The Hilltop Hoods, and as far as Homebake is concerned, Scribe, for many years.

However none of these groups have a handle on Australian culture like our man J-mo. Recording out of his basement, at approximately 17 (24?) years of age the lyrical miracle J-mo brings it back to the streets, laying down the law for those haters and perpetrators who think that just because we live in Australia, doesn't mean we don't need guns.

Between J-money (as he's affectionately known) and his Desert Eagle it's not clear whose more dangerous, spitting the ickest-say ymes-rhay since Sydneys prodigal son Sky High . It really is a wonder he's not signed yet. His subtle agression and lyrical proficiency reaches its peak on "You cunts are through"; his debut single, declaring war on the suburb of Avalon. You better watch out, or he will definately kill you. Definately.

Check him out!

Dont be afraid to send a friend request his way and give him some props, you all know he deserves it.

We'd appreciate it if someone could send us J-mo's postal address or contact number so we could connect him with some of our friends in the industry.

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